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This is your site for finding touring information on nearly 2,200 tourist locations in the greater southwestern corner of the United States of America; the site provides GPS coordinates to Native American Ruins, Our History, outdoor sports locations, national and local parks, and places of interest for those from 3 to 103.. Take the time to click through the menus, you will be pleasantly surprised and want to tell your friends about this great travel and history resource..  Spread the word, your friends will be glad you did.


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Arizona Tours Main Menu

☼→ Arizona Tours Main Menu

Arizona Tours and Tourism Main Menu, includes Benson, Willcox, Tucson, Douglas, Sierra Vista, and Tombstone.


Art Museums in Southwestern America

☼→ Art Museums in Southwestern America

This page includes many of the more popular art museums that are open to the public in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Southern California, and Utah.


California Tours Main Menu

☼→ California Tours Main Menu

Barstow, Death Valley, Bay Area, and National Parks on display


Colorado Tours Main Menu

☼→ Colorado Tours Main Menu

Colorado tour main menu - Parks, forest, native ruins, hunting, and more


Native America Tours Main Menu

☼→  Native America Tours Main Menu

Explore America's Southwest and its long history of occupation by Native American Tribal People


New Mexico Tours Main Menu

☼→  New Mexico Tours Main Menu

New Mexico tours and tourism Main Menu screen, includes White Sands, Santa Fe, Roswell, and much more


Nevada Tours Main Menu

☼→  Nevada Tours Main Menu

Nevada is more than just Las Vegas, come see and explore


Religious Based Tours Main Menu

☼→  Religious Based Tours Main Menu

Missions, churches, cemeteries, museums, crosses and shrines await your visit.


Science Based Tours Main Menu

☼→  Science Based Tours Main Menu

Science, space, biology, atomic, natural, volcanoes, places, museums,


Sports Activity Tours Main Menu

☼→  Sports Activity Tours Main Menu

For the outdoorsman or woman, there are ample places to explore


Utah Tours Main Menu

☼→  Utah Tours Main Menu

Utah is home to dozens of National Parks and Monuments for your enjoyment


Wild West Tours Main Menu

☼→  Wild West Tours Main Menu

See the Wild West in all it glory, and blood and guts.


Southwest Attractions & Touring Ideas


African-American Museums and Ghost Towns

☼→ African American Museums in the American Southwest




Airports / Airfields in the American Southwest

☼→ Southwestern State's Airports / Airfields

Page provides limited, and not all inclusive, listings of airports and airfields that may be used by pilots for scheduled and unscheduled {Emergency} take-offs and landings


Bird Watching walks and tours

☼→ Bird Watching in the American Southwest

The southwestern states have a large variety of birds that are resident to the area, but most are migratory and can only be seen during migration periods.


Bucket List for you

☼→ Southwestern U.S.A. Bucket List 

This is your Bucket List of Federal and State Parks to visit when touring America's Southwestern States of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern California, and Utah.  How many have you been to and which ones do you still want to visit. 


Cactus of the American Southwest

☼→ Cactus of the American Southwest Main Menu

The following are some of the parks where a visitor can see cactus in its natural settings, and some nurseries where the visitor can see cacti from seed size to the Saguaro giants, and everything and size in-between. 


Camping Grounds in the American Southwestern States

☼→ Camping Grounds in the American Southwestern States 

The Great Outdoors awaits you, and your family.  Fresh air, nature, hunting, fishing, picnics, and overnight stays under the stars roasting marshmallows over a camp fire, while telling stories that make one laugh or cringe.


Casinos of the American Southwest

☼→ Casinos in the American Southwest 

The Casinos offer a large variety of games of chance, and each casino is unique in design and layout; the common denominator is that most are on Native American Lands and run by or for the American Indians that live nearby.


Caves in the American Southwest

☼→ Caves in the American Southwest

Southwestern states are generally mountainous states, and therefore contain many interesting caves; some private, some for individual exploration, and some have commercially provided tours.


Death Valley, California

☼→ Death Valley, California

This is one of the hottest places on earth, and one of the lowest in elevation as parts are below sea level, but there are mountains and deserts, rivers and springs, and a host of things to see and do.


Dinosaur Locations

☼→ Dinosaur museums, digs, and other exhibits

A couple of years back, the southwest was much different than it appears today, it was lush with swamps, lakes, rivers, forest, jungles, and with big animals of the dinosaur type.  Here is a sample of life as it once existed.


Environmental Touring

☼→ Environmental Tours of the Southwest

Here you will find environmental destruction as well as construction of solar, wind, and other sources of power for human's toys.



Equestrian Vacations

☼→ Equestrian Vacations

Many of the National Parks (NPS) as well as local and state parks allow horseback riding; you can bring your own or rent a horse, mule, or other pack animal for a fun day's outing.


Ghost Town Tours

☼→  Ghost Town Tours and Vacations

No visit to the wild wild west would be complete without going to at least one Ghost Town and feeling the presence of those that lived and died there almost a century ago.


 Golf Clubs and Golf Courses

☼→ Southwestern State's Golf Courses

When it comes to games played by adults, Golf is probably number one behind gambling.


Grand Canyon Area

☼→ Grand Canyon   ☼→ Grand Canyon River Rafting  

This is probably the number one tourist location in the U.S.A., and well worth the trip to see it, but there are many more attractions in the area, so do your homework and see it all while here.


Hiking the Southwest

☼→ Southwestern States Hiking Trails

The American Southwest has some of the finest hiking trails in the world, these trails range from a few miles in length to hundreds of miles in length.


Historical Markers of the American Southwest

☼→ Historical Roadside Markers

As one travels by automobile throughout America he or she will come upon many roadside markers; these markers provide a short history of the site on which the marker is placed or represents..


Mine and Mining Tours

☼→ Mine Tours Main Menu

The old west was known for its Gold and Silver mines, but there are also Lithium, Uranium, and Copper mines to explore; put at least one mine tour on your bucket list.


Movies and Movie Set Tours

☼→ Movie sets and museums in the southwest

Not all movies were or are filmed in Hollywood or in Canada, many are filmed on sets that sit in the desert near places like Benson, Arizona; most will at times offer tours for a nominal fee.


Museum Tours

☼→  Southwestern Museum Tours

If it exist, there probably is a museum highlighting it, and the southwest has a museum for just about everything you can imagine.


National Forest of the Southwest

☼→ National Forest of the Southwest

The national forest are one of America's treasures, each is different, and each presents the visitor with a peak into the past, present, and future.  Additionally, many of the NF (National Forest) offer sportsmen hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, camping, etc.


National Monuments of the Southwest

☼→ National Monuments of the Southwest  

There are literally hundreds of National Monuments (NM) throughout the American Southwest; some are just a monument, some are only a building, and many are an entire area; all welcome the visitor that seeks exploration.


National Parks of the Southwest

☼→ National Parks of the American Southwest

Starting February 14th 2015, Check with your National Parks for FREE Visitation Passes


Pictures - Photos you may have missed

☼→ Arizona Photos   ☼→ California Photos   ☼→ Colorado Photos  ☼→  Hoover Dam Photos  ☼→ Nevada Photos   ☼→ NPS Images   ☼→ Southwest/Western Menu of sights/sites   ☼→Utah Photos 

We have been there, done that, and here are some of the thousands of photos we have taken, enjoy. 


Petroglyphs and Rock Art

☼→ Petroglyphs and Rock Art

Our Native American predecessors' had a primitive way of communicating; it was by scratching symbols on rocks coated with Desert Varnish.  These communications have survived the centuries; can you decipher the meanings?


Railroads for Tourist

☼→ Southwestern Tourist-Railroad Menu   

Almost everyone has or will enjoy a train ride, so there are many on old steam engine trains that once were a major transportation of the old west.  View this folder's files for High-Speed Rail, People Movers, Amtrak, and more.


Road Trips/Tours of the American Southwest

☼→ Menu or Road Trips/Tours of the American Southwest... 

Road Trips are within the States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah and provide the user with starting and ending points, intermediate stops at attractions of interest, estimated travel time and mileage, and estimated total time for the trip.  Road tours are ideal for RV'ers, Motorcyclists, and travelers that many times pass exciting or interesting sites without realizing that something they would like to see or visit is only minutes away.


Recreational Vehicle Camps in the American Southwest

☼→ RV Camps by name  ☼→ RV Camps by Location 

When you carry your home with you, you will need a place where you can legally park and camp each day, this listing provides the names and GPS locations of many of these RV camps, and parts and repair locations, in the four-corner states.


Sand Dunes of the American Southwest

☼→ Sand Dunes of the American Southwest

The off-road people are always looking for a new adventure, and the southwest has it; there are massive sand dunes that beckon you and your dune buggy.


State Parks of Interest

☼→ State Parks of Interest  ☼→ Official State Tourist Bureaus

Many visitors to the American Southwest visit the National Parks and shun the State and Local parks, which is a shame as many of the State and local parks contain bits of history and sights seen nowhere else.



☼→  Sunsets - the Ocean above and its palette of color

Since you can see for up to 100 miles, you will be treated to magnificent sun rises and sun sets many times of the year; the reds, oranges, pinks, greens, gray and blues of a southwest sky will be indelibly edged into your memory.


Waterways of the American Southwest - Have you seen each?

☼→ Waterways - Have you seen each?

Rivers, Lakes, lots of water and waterfalls..



Whitewater Adventures in the American Southwest

☼→ Whitewater Adventures   ☼→ Whitewater in other states..

Names of the known active rivers.

☼→ U.S.A. Attractions Menu

From covered bridges to volcanoes and much more.  Here are the listings for which you seek.


Where to Joe locations.

☼→ Where to Joe?

Here are some menus that may show you what you are missing.

U.S.A. Tour Guides:

Click for home pageFind a Tour Guide:  State "Search":

 -- Territories: AS, FM, GU, MP, MI, PR, RP, RM, VI --

Click picture for Home Page    State run: State Run 
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Motel Chains in the U.S.A.

☼→  Long Term Motel Stays   ☼→ Speak out, Parking Areas  ☼→ Speak out, Motels & Hotels 



Important GPS Map & Direction Information

☼→ GPS Map & Direction Information - Please Read.



Important Touring Information

☼→ Foreigners Visiting the USA  ☼→ Southwest Touring Information   ☼→ Native America Information Guide


Important Medical Information while Touring the Southwestern states

☼→ SW Hospital Listing and links to Medical information for travelers.



Weather Information for selected cities that invite Tourism

☼→ Best time to go   ☼→ Sun & Heat   ☼→ Tourist Safety   ☼→ Weather Cautions   ☼→ Wearing apparel   ☼→ Weather conditions  


Much, much more!

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