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Pueblo People Clans


Tepee painting with its ceremonials and prayers - pntteepe.jpg (38065 bytes) **


Nearly all Pueblo populations are divided into clans.   Clan members may take turns in the conduct of the pueblo government, in the administration of justice, and in the responsibility for traditional tribal ceremonies.

Corn Clan
Eagle Clan - (Sipapu)
Hon᧨ᡨnii clan - Translates as "One Who Walks Around One."
Kachina Clan
Mountain Lion Clan
Navajo Clans - List of all navajo clans and the English meaning. Very good site.   
Parrot Clan
Turkey Clan
Turquoise Clan

If you are a member of the above or other Clans then we would like to hear from you.  We will publish history type articles of the clan on the site, if you send us the write-up.  Please note that each write-up should be certified as being from the clan member of the clan being written about, and that we will make attempts to verify.


** This pre-1953 painting is by Andrew Standing Soldier a Sioux artist and shows Tepee painting with its ceremonials and prayers.  Top color represents the sky while the bottom color represents the ground.  The Red Topped Tepee represents that the owner was killed in battle.  The woman on the left is painting a Parfleche, while the woman on the right is embroidering with porcupine quills.  


Picture: Complements of Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia copyright 1953



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